DZLauncher Crashes with "error that could not be recovered from"

  • Hi, I have seen this post all over the forum I do not know what is going on improper formatting of the message but they all seamed to be locked without option to reply.

    When joining a server thru DZLauncher and Epoch Mod I get the error below. I am able to join via other launchers such as steam with no problems. ever one joining my server is getting this error

    0_1474842550679_dllauncher error.png

    I do not know how to post a file here to display my log file but here is a cut and paste

    which tells me nothing really
    [0925/170153:INFO:(0)] WebCore is now online.
    [0925/170153:INFO:(0)] Running Awesomium

    Hope you guys can help :)

  • Same problem here... every time I try to join a server I get this error

  • here is my server info

    My server info is
    DayZ of the Dead | AI | PVE orientated | Tons of Mods
    Connection Info:
    Query Info:

  • Support Guru

    Maca is aware of the bug, to temporarily fix it, open settings, then untick prefetch mission (experimental) then save

    alt text

  • administrators

    This bug is fixed in the latest version