Players launching through DayZ Launcher are coming in with wrong mod order (sometimes)

  • Hi, my servers Query Info: Sometimes when players join it is loading in Epoch before Overwatch which is causing them to get kicked.

    The top picture is my server. I am not sure why it does this only sometimes or if its something on my end that I have messed up. Could I get some help with this please?

    Start.bat mod order = "[email protected];@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Epoch_Server;"
    (extDB and DayZ_Epoch_Server don't need to be there for players joining right?)
    Thanks :)

  • Yup, it's a persistent problem that still hasn't been fixed. Best way to deal with it is to log into your server and get it started, then use the check server page to have it re-read the mods. Wait 5 minutes, after that people should restart the launcher and it will usually launch in the right order. It's a shame we can't specify the launch order for mods for our servers. This is a pretty persistent problem and is killing server populations.

  • Indeed, that problem should a be on a priority list for fixes. Many server admins including me have this problem and we just cannot something.