Adding saved Mod-Profiles to load

  • Hey there,

    thanks for this awesome tool!!
    I thought I never need anything more ... Until today :(
    Today I found a server that has a mid-list that is easily loaded by A3Launcher.
    But it also features some optional mods.
    I wasn't able to load them over the "[email protected]" startup parameter and if I use the "Advanced" tab they will not load in addition to the ones that the server needs. (Still starting arma by using the server browser of A3)

    Now I added all the needed and optional mods within the advanced tab.
    It would be awesome, if the final config can be saved and loaded later again.
    Or if the launcher can handle "additional optional" mods, that will be loaded together with the ones that will be loaded by default.

    It could be managed by the "Advanced" to create these profiles/presets and could be manually loaded by right click on the wanted server.

    Eg: Server Xy --> Right click --> "Copy IP" or "Run with Mod-Preset" --> Little popup with saved preset will be shown --> Run game with needed mods + mods chosen from the popup. (In popup there could be the needed ones already be choosen)

    Thanks for your time :)

    Furious Monkey

    PS: Oh and since the "Mod-Filter" is used on more than the mod list, it would be nice to have it shown on every tab that uses the filtering :)