Support for "launch DayZMod as Steam App" for non-Chernarus maps

  • I know dayzmod is winding down, but there are a few of us still running vanilla-ish servers with some pop.
    Over the last couple of releases, I've gotten a bunch of fixes into the core mod for non-chernarus maps these maps. We've even started up a few alternate map servers (Namalsk, Napf and now Tavi), but one big issue is always how to launch.

    DayZLauncher has the maps/mods (Lingor/sahrani/tavi/namalsk,panthera[ all except Napf ]) included for download, so thats great. Unfortunately, it doesn't launch them as vanilla.

    Can "launch as steam app" be applied to non-chernarus servers? We're ready to put up a couple of servers if we can get it. I've got a few years of owning a server(The Dead Return) and I'm in it until the end, so this would be great!


  • I would love to see this, I requested this from maca previously.

    I run UK420 DayZ Vanilla+ ( #1 arma 2/dayzmod server) and we also have a Taviana server. The issue is people have to go thru hoops to load the addon... so what skigoggles suggests would really help!

    A simple tick box would suffice.



  • +1 for this