Australia will not download in A3

  • Australia map seems to have a bad link in A3 launcher (called Australia) and will not download for me, the correct name is Australia v5.09 maybe that helps (steam search shows mod not found in A3 - but Australia v5.09 is still in the workshop.

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    It was removed from Steam, I have added a non-steam version

  • Maca, the link you added is to the 'bistudio webpage' for this terrain and not to an install link, so A3L does not download the terrain. can you link to Armaholic page (not sure that this will provide a download though A3L either.

    Australia is still in the Steam Workshop but is titled 'Australia v5.09' (the latest version), I subscribed through steam and its fine but A3L does not recognise it as installed. so cannot play from A3L.


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    The Australia v5.09 on steam workshop isn't official.
    It will more than likely get removed by the original author once he notices it