Unable to join server, but I know some people can join it.

  • Im playing on a DesolationREDUX server with a couple of friends.

    They moved the server to prevent hacker attack, and after they moved the server, a hell lot of people are unable to join the server via A3launcher...

    Its says the server has 0/0 players and a 9999 ping, but I know the server is up because im texting with a couple that are connected to it... But sometimes ONLY SOMETIMES when im lucky I can see the server and join...
    ''All of my friends are unable to join completely''

    Do any of you have a solution?

  • Put the server ip and query port in http://a3.launcher.eu/check

  • Oh snap! error querying server - timeout

  • Check firewall settings, if the query is timing out there isnt much else that can be done. Ask the gsp if the server has any kind of game firewall (i know ovh's firewall causes problems with arma)