Taviana not launching in right order again


  • Actually most of my servers aren't

    I'm getting a lot of complaints lately, uninstalling dayz launcher and reinstalling seems to fix it for most people.

    Also, going to the check server page and adding them seems to help sometimes, still launches in the wrong order, but at least epoch is listed last, which will get you in.

    For some reason if epoch is not listed last the config for zscdefines.hpp in the epoch can't be found. If it is listed last it works, if the mods are out of order and epoch last, it will crash the game on log off, but whatever.

  • I'm getting reports of this happening again today:

    I don't want to sound like a dick, but you're seriously killing my server population.

  • administrators

    ive asked for assistance, unfortunately i dont run arma 2 servers anymore and have no way of diagnosing it.

    I need to compare your server when its just restarted and at different points during the running, obviously this cant really be done with "live" communication. I do find it odd that very few servers seem to have this problem, I asked in the discord and got nothing.

  • I'll try to get a hold of you this weekend. It keeps happening, my Taviana server is doing it again, population usually sits between 10-20, past day it's been at like 3 since no one can get on using the launcher.

    I'll just kick people off and restart it once I get a hold of you so you can try and troubleshoot. I'll be working on my A3 server this weekend so I should be around most of the day Saturday and Sunday.