Installing Mission Prefetch Server?

  • How in the world do I install the Mission Prefetch Server? There are little to no instructions that work. It says to "Run the app: MissionPrefetchServer.exe 2302 C:\servers\altis\mpmissions\mission.Altis.pbo" What does that mean? Whenever I open the program it closes immediatly? Players are getting stuck on connecting for the past 2 days and I have lost almost 2/3 the playerbase already. From 60 now down to 20 on at peak times...

  • administrators

    hang on, are you blaming the app not working on your player drop?

  • Support Guru

    You need to run the exe as a service, either with something like Firedaemon or Windows Task Scheduler. Don't forget to allow it access through any firewall you may run

    This is one of my command lines for the prefetch from Firedaemon

    2302 "C:\Game\Chernarus\mpmissions\Epoch.Chernarus.pbo"