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    Launcher will not update.
    If this happens, please goto the launcher installation folder in your Program Files (not the desktop icon) and manually delete the launcher files and reinstall it.

    Stuck on "Waiting" when download a Steam mod.
    Please close Steam via the task bar and restart it.

    The launcher isn't launching ARMA properly.
    If the launcher is not launching try turning 'Steam Protocol' on and press 'Save'. Then try rejoining a server.

    Why did you release a new update for launcher if nothing was wrong in the first place?
    Believe me that I only update it because I have to, not because I want to.

    Why doesn't the launcher start up? I keep getting the message "Error getting data".
    It means that your computer is refusing to let the Launcher write data to a file so it cannot save the list of servers to a file. This could possibly be your anti-virus program block the launcher.

    Why is the launcher telling me it can't find the mods? I have them in my folder!
    The launcher is case sensitive with the mod path so you just need to re-select the mod folder in your launcher settings and save that! it should fix it up for you!

    Why is my mods folder a lot smaller than it was before the update?
    Please do no save/download your mods into your CCGLauncher folder. It will get corrupted when you update the launcher! Store your mods inside a different folder!

    Why can't I download the mods or verify them?
    Make sure that your mod path is correct. The launcher can't see to find them in the current path.

    Updater error/crashed?
    Please try turning off your anti-virus/firewall during the update process, please ensure you enable them again once complete.


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