Server stopped showing up on A3L and won't verify

  • So my main server has been running fine and available on A3L for some time now. Today it disappeared from A3L. So I went to "promote your server -> Check Server" and get:

    "Oh snap! unknown mods - ns_cwa-1.3.0cup_units-1.9.1cup_vehicles-1.9.1le Moda3cba_3.4.0.170627-6a1a8e7a crazymikecup_terrai " But sometimes it returns "Oh snap! unknown mods - ommunity Base Addons v3.4.0�`..." plus a bunch of other non-printable characters and a few other mods with similar unprintable characters. My test server has the exact same startup line ( I did a direct copy/paste) and shows up fine. And I haven't changed my main server in awhile. It starts fine, loads with no errors. mARMAcp is monitoring it fine...

    edit... actually there was one thing I did do. I removed OCP with JBAD from the server due to Donkeypunch pulling it off A3L. But I also did that with my test server and it's fine.

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    One thing to try is to re-arrange the mods order in the command line.

    Other than that, it will take at least a few days to fix this, its a very rare problem which i have been unable to identify the cause...

  • Thanks Maca! That worked. It's just odd that my test server was identical (other than ports, a few msgs, etc.) including the load order and it didn't have that problem.

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    "ARMA" :P