Cannot load world 'ca\chernarus\chernarus.wrp

  • Hey,

    I'v Been trying to play Arma 2 Dayz again after not playing for about 1 year and every time i try and play on a server it crashes and come up with the message "Cannot load world 'ca\chernarus\chernarus.wrp" . I really don't understand why it keeps doing it. I have tried everything to the extent or Reinstalling the whole lot 3 times to try different things. I have the Lastest Version of Dayz 1.8.9 and i have downloaded and Ran both Arma2 and Arma 2 OA. i have also download the lastest beta Version of Arma 2 OA. So i think i must be missing something but i just cant figure it out.
    I have tried everything on these posts

    If anyone could help that would be amazing

    Thanks :)