Mods launching in the wrong order again

  • My taviana server is launching with the mods in the wrong order again, which is causing some clients to not be able to connect due to overwatch being loaded last.

    The order should be:

    Taviana always needs to be first, Epoch always needs to be last...
    And before anyone jumps in and says the order doesn't absolutely does...

    Server launch parameters have the mods specified in the order above.

  • administrators

    lol its fine now argh

    The only thing i can possible think it could be is ARMA reporting incorrect shit while its waiting for the first player to join.

    You could try look at this page when the server is in the "limbo" state before a player joins. see what it reports.

  • Thanks.
    Do you think the name of the server pbo could be throwing your stuff off?
    I currently use this:
    [email protected];@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch;@DayZ_Server_TAVI_DN

    I could change the server pbo's name if you think it would help.

  • administrators

    its not my stuff lol.
    The launcher copies what ARMA reports... Next time the server has just restarted and there are no players on it, does it report the correct order?

  • It usually does. Haven't had a problem with this server since you mentioned.