Battleye: Bad Service Version

  • Hello! I hope I can get some help, been trying to connect to the servers for awhile now, but every time I do it takes a while to load, then at the loading screen says "You were kicked off the game: Battleye Bad Service Version".
    Does anyone know what that means? I've tried uninstalling the game and mods and reinstalling, but to no avail.

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    Try having a look on BattlEye's site, there might be an FAQ on there to help you

  • I've looked for one, but to no avail. Even tried searching the web for any info and haven't found a bit.

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    I have never heard of this problem, not really sure what to suggest other than a full reinstall of all things arma

  • Have tried that a few times, but I continue to get the same effect.

  • I was able to finally get it fixed, turns out Windows Defender was messing with it for some reason. Thanks for the help though!

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