Saint Kapaulio Terrain Please can you add

  • Please can you add My Terrain Saint Kapaulio to the Mod list :-

    Many thanks

  • Hi Guys how long does it take to add this, just have people trying to join and they only use A3 launcher.


  • This is a private mod..

    "Prior written permission by the author must be obtained to Host a servers that will be running the following Game types :- Exile , Life, Wasteland or Koth Servers if you intend to use this MOD"

  • administrators

    If it is a private mod (restricting usage means private) when there is a 1 time fee of £60

  • Its not a private MOD it is open to anyone to download , it just had a Prior written permission to use on Exile SERVER etc..

    However to clear this matter up and get this added to the Launcher so players can use it i have removed that part.

    Please can this now be added to the launcher :)

    Many thanks

  • administrators

    Expressly, for island/addons use with "life","Exile","Koth" mods and TCs (Total Conversion mods) you need a prior written permission by the author."

    That is in the term conditions, that leaves really only mil sim communities able to run the addon on server. Without permission
    IMO, i would consider this a private addon for the majority of server owners who players use A3Launcher

  • @Torndeco OK updated and removed that part I missed now it should not be Private to anyone !

    Can this now be added ?

  • administrators

    Sorry about delay added to launcher

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