fox cars and mad max mods

  • fox cars gets this after adding it.
    Oh snap! unknown mods - Fox SurvivalCars

    on site when checking server.

    mad max. when loaded on the server ends up kicking everyone who joins using a3L. no key message or anything. just you were kicked.

  • administrators

    Does the mod contain a meta.cpp in the root folder

  • yes sir, both mods show that in there main @ folders.

  • administrators

    the arma 3 server should report the steam id if the meta.cpp exists...

  • i tried again today with the fox survival vehicles. get the samething with the server checker on your website. unknown mod. i posted on your discord to if u wish to move the talk over there.

  • administrators

    pleasae give me the server ip and query port

  • ive pulled the mods for now so the server shows up on your list. i confirmed today that the mad max is a key error. might be an error on the mod makers side. fox survival cars dropped an update today and i have not had the time to test it out since he dropped that.

  • fox survival cars working likie a champ now. ty

  • For Mad Arma it may be a problem with the files on Steam. If you go to the mod on Armaholic (, it appears from his entry in the changelog for v0.9.21 that Steam isn't picking it up right. Problem is that if your client updates from Steam (where there appears to be a problem) and you upload the files to the server from Armaholic, you get a signing mismatch - which is what I'm seeing.

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