• Hey Maca, you said a while ago, you want to remove Origins from the launcher. Do you have still plans to remove it or can new servers use this mod again for a longer time?

  • Any news here maca?

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    Any reason your not using the latest version?

  • The last Origins version does not run properly with Epoch. There are too many problems with it and I think nobody has a solutuion for it at the moment. This is why there are no Epoch server with Origins 1.8.3 out there. The only server with Origins 1.8.3 has Epch installed, that runs ok with it. Thats the reason the old Origins version should stay in the launcher.

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    To be honest DZLauncher might have to be shutdown if sponsored listings or donations dont pick up soon. I think people forget this stuff costs money to run and seem to think BIS pay me or something (this is not true).

    This is one of the reasons older mods are getting removed, simple cant afford to host them.

  • It sucks when players are forced to use crappy updated mods. Like Epoch, its shit. Do people actually play around with updates, or do they just assume "Hey its an update, lets push it!"

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    Take that up with the developers