Also kicked from dayz mod servers by admin and don't know why

  • Back in March, I evidently was globally banned by an admin on the fubar pve chernarus serverfor voicing my opinion that a couple of players and the admin were monopolizing the couple of missions that were available at any time. There were 9 players on the server at the time. I didn't know I was globally banned by an admin until tonight. I knew I was globally banned, but didn't know why as I was only given a kicked message. I need to contact the owner of the fubar pve dayz mod server or any fubar server the same owner has and plead my case. I can understand being banned for whatever reason the admin likes from that server, but not globally. I did nothing to be globally banned. Thank you for any help you can assist me with.

  • Support Guru

    @roninmurphy contact the admins on that server, this forum is not the correct contact method