Added server but it's not showing...

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    Added my server several times and have gotten an all good for a check but it still hasn't shown up for hours. I've removed all mods and have checked everything. I'm at a bit of a loss as to why it's not showing in A3L still. Thanks!

  • @JMan we have same problem (not just servers ,new mods too

  • I suspect there is an issue happening with a3 launcher not adding new servers.

  • Many other threads including a few from me. Maca has replied to a few saying he is actively working on it.

  • ah, ok. I was about to go crazy last night after i stripped my server back to vanilla exile....

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    The issue should be fixed, the live server list gets updated every 5 minutes, so if you do the "check server", it should be updates within 5 mins after you click "Check" (if its online of course)

  • Yep, added it and opened launcher and immediately saw it, Nice work! @maca134

  • @maca134 Thanks man Really appreciate you looking into this for us.
    GamersRoost (Josh)

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