Cant join server with A3Launcher, without works fine

  • If i try to join my server using the A3Launcher (which a lot of people join servers through). It gives me the following error message:

    Once i try to join my server directly via the in-game server browser it lets me join perfectly fine. So this must mean that there is an issue with A3Launcher. How can i fix this, because i feel like im losing a lot of potential players with this bug.

  • bump, anyone?

  • a3 launcher isn't launching that ryanzombies mod for some reason. Have you confirmed it is in your folder where a3L is pointing to for mods?

  • administrators

    I would love to check but I have no idea what server you are referring too

  • easy peasy, go to your mods section of A3, if not subscribed to the ryanzombies (gag mod) then sub it. if sub already, unsub and re-sub. (this fixes issues 90% of the time)

    if that doesn't work go to "folder" check if the mod is actually there, and last of the last resort

    download the file and stick the files in the folder that A3L sees as the modded folder for Ryan's zombies.

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