Server not showing in the launcher.

  • Hello two days ago I setup a Overpoch server however even after using the find server function on your website 24 hours later it still hasn't appeared. If you'd be able to look into this would be great I opened ports 2300-2400 so I dont think it's something on my end.

    IP - Steam Query: 2303


  • Did you try it on the server check page?

  • Yeah tried it on the server check page it said 'yay server added' but still can't see it popping up.

    Using OVH and have opened ports 2300-2400 in their GAME firewall settings.

    Really confused

  • It appears on game tracker and in the in game browser. Not on the launcher tho still been about 24 hours since it appeared on game tracker but still cant get it to pop up on the launcher. If you'd be able to look into it when you have some spare time it'd be great alot of players cant be bother using .bat files etc only want to use the launcher so got a dead server atm.

    Sorry if this counts as spamming the thread was just updating it with the game tracker info.

  • OVH's game firewall causes many problems with arma and i suggest turning it off

  • Turned it off played with a few more ports and it's now on the launcher! Thank you for your time Maca :)