Server showing wrong order for mods.

  • Hey, just in the last day or so, my servers mods (Overwatch and Epoch) have started showing up reversed on the launcher. It worked great before, but now all of a sudden they're reversed and it's making it difficult for people to get on. My server IP and query port are I've checked the query page and it shows them in the correct order, meaning overwatch before Epoch. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • I was having the same issue last night and this morning the launcher is not loading the launch parameters at all. It errors out and closed the launcher if I try to click on any server now. I am just glad it seems to be an issue with the launcher because I was racking my brain last night thinking what the heck did I screw up, lol

  • @Ritual I HAVE THE SAME PROBLEM!!! You can solve it???

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    is this still happening?

  • @maca134 said in Server showing wrong order for mods.:

    is this still happening?


  • Hey maca134 just sent you a private message. I am still having the same problem. Hopping you'll be able to help with this. Thanks

  • It appears to finally be fixed. Maca134 I don't know if you did anything, but if you did than thank you very much. :)

  • Change order in commandline

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