2nd response to MGTDB/torndeco

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    MGTDB, its not my server im just trying to join others server. and the servers im trying to join usually have a constant player base of 30+ people so yeah. and i am not sure if i have latest version of exile if you could maybe show me were i can get that that would be great.
    and Torndeco that error list might have been from i tried to use official arma 3 launcher just cause the A3 launcher wouldnt work at all. but i assure you that i am using a3 maybe not in this instance (i can find a log from when i used a3 if that is needed) and thanks for support.

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    http://www.exilemod.com/downloads/ then any of the client links to download latest Exile version

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    You were using the official arma 3 launcher in a previous post. We do not support that launcher here.

    Also insulting the main dev (me) because I asked you rewrite a post to make it slightly more legible is really a good way to get the help you want either...