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    Dear admins , i am trying to get help so i can use the a3 launcher, and i am getting said help but in the form of questions that if i want a result i need to answer those questions. But if you keep locking those post for absolutely no reason, guess what i haft to do ( instead of just replying on the original post) i haft to make a new one called "response to ____" and i'd rather not do that but i will if it means not wasting $25 on your launcher that wont work buying apex DLC mainly for to play exile tanoa , then i will make those post and i will make those new accounts after being wrongly banned, cause i'd really hate to waste my money. So could you please sort out what/whoever is wrongly banning/ locking my post that would be great.

  • administrators

    Note DayZLauncher / A3Launcher is completely free for end-users.

    If you buy APEX or other account, that money goes to BIS, none of that money goes to these launchers.
    You can go to for support.
    Or you can try go contact the server owners you are trying to join

    Basically you decided to get cheeky with owner, when he only asked you to retype a post to make it easier to read.
    Anyway i am sorry i banned your second account for just a day, meant to do it unlimited time period.
    I will fix that now