Why is A3L so out of touch?

  • Is anybody actually updating mods here? Being on A3L really limits you to what you can do on your server.

    No one seems to respond to anyone's requests to add a mod which makes withsix a much more appealing offer.

    Can I suggest you not put so many restrictions on what we can and can't put in our own servers or we are simply going to stop using A3L.

    I went back to play withsix last night out of pure frustration and found hundreds of mods that A3L simply does not support and you have to ask the question why???

    You may think I am coming across rude, but the fact is, not being responded to for days and days without any kind of update, that is rude.

    So although I really like A3L I have to go elsewhere to get the most out of the server I pay for.

    So goodbye A3L.


  • administrators

    cya, you wont be missed

  • Help A3 launcher is broke again!!!

  • bye bye, no one is going to miss you. A3L is 10x better than your six launcher but nice try on putting out disinformation.