Extremely slow download speeds

  • I'm brand spanking new to the arma 2 dayz scene, so bare with me. But me and a friend both downloaded the launcher and went for epoch. I have meh internet and my friend has very fast internet. He downloaded it within a few minutes. However, it is going to take me literal days to download this... It has downloaded 125 mb in the past 6 hours. Thats ridiculous even in my slow interent standards. I downloaded arma 2 itself faster than that. So the first thing I did was go looking around at threads to fifure out what was going on. Apparently it is a common problem, as I found many threads about it. But all of the threads are very backdated and say to up the download speed box or check the http force box. Both of which, I have found were apparently removed. I'd very much like to know how to get dayzlauncher to download at my own speeds, and am extremely frustrated at this to the point of deleting it altogether because it is so inconvenient. Any help would be very appreciated.

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    I will take a look at the download mirrors today

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    You can download DayZ Epoch direct from their website http://epochmod.com/a2dayzepoch.php

  • I'm still having this issue. People online are saying that there used to be a setting in the launcher that would let you increase download speed, but that a recent update removed it.
    Is there any way to manually improve dl speed, or any way to use the older launcher that still has the inexplicably removed setting?

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    The launcher used to have both HTTP and Torrent downloading. Torrent downloading proved to be unsuitable and people used HTTP. Now the launcher only uses HTTP but it means I have to pay for all the bandwidth, sometimes i can be slow if there are not enough mirrors up but i try keep up with demand and lower costs at the same time.