A3L not showing Server Mods

  • Hello Guys!

    I´m trying now for 2 days to get the Mods I installed on my Exile-Server to show on A3L.
    We´re renting the Server on G-Portal, so I dont have a Startup.bat or smt similiar to list my Mods in.
    the Mods are activated in the G-Portal Web-Interface so it should work through that.
    I checked my Server several times on A3L-Check, Server is still listed but without mods.
    Mod Keys are in the Keys-Folder and not present twice. (I connect via FTP)

    Can anyone give me some advice?

    Mfg Tom

    also I´m only talking about Mods which the A3L supports
    and Mods never where shown in any way before

  • administrators

    Give us an idea of what mods you are trying to run and are not showing in the launcher is a good start.

    Also this page reports what mods the server is reporting: http://a3.launcher.eu/query/

    And if you change mods, it can take a few hours for the launcher to update, using the server check page (http://a3.launcher.eu/check) can speed this up a little.

  • Hello!

    I´m really sorry for replying so late.

    The Issue was solved yesterday. It was related to my Host´s Webinterface (G-Portal).
    If someone has the same Issues with this Host - contact me.

    Thank u maca134

    Mfg Tom