Arma Enhanced Movement Exile Compat

  • Trying to add my server with this mod gives me an "Unknown mod - @ArmaEnhancedMovementExile" error.

    The mod was added yesterday, not sure what's causing the error

  • Shutdown your server and create a file called 'mod.cpp' in the '@ArmaEnhancedMovementExile' folder then open that file and add in the code below:

    name = "Arma Enhanced Movement: Exile compatibility pbo";
    picture = "";
    hidePicture = 0;
    hideName = 0;
    author = "badbenson";
    actionName = "Website";
    action = "";
    description = "As the title says it's a compatibility pbo. like a patch on top of EM.";

    This is how it should look in the directory:
    alt text

    This is how it should look in your editor, please use a program like notepad++ or sublime:
    alt text

    Once you have added the code above to the file, save it and upload it back to your server if it's not local (Dedicatd, VPS, etc..)
    Start your server back up and wait for it to fully load and then recheck your server using the 'check server' tool on the A3L website.

    Let me know if you run into any issues, or if this works for you.

    Kind Regards,

    PS- if all else fails just put this FILE in your servers '/Arma 3/@ArmaEnhancedMovementExile' directory, then restart the server.

  • Adding that worked, thanks!

  • @SilentSean said in Arma Enhanced Movement Exile Compat:

    Adding that worked, thanks!

    Sweet! Glad to hear it!

    Take care,

  • My understanding from reading what the mod author posted on the BIS Forums was that users would need to paste AEM-Exile's .pbo into the AEM mods .pbo folder in order to work - is this not the case? Can they be run as separate mods and function together?

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    Run it as a seperate mod

  • Hi I can't download this mod on a3launcher it appears it has been removed from steam workshop? Please help!