"You were kicked off the game"????????????????

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    Everytime i try to join a Exile Server through the A3 Launcher it loads , i hear a second of audio then audio shuts off whilst message pops up saying "You Were Kicked Off The Game" and i have no idea why im not running any extra mods than the the ones the launcher runs and ive tried this mainly right after getting the Apex DLC ( really sad cause reason i paid for the rather expensive mod was mainly for exile) and i tried Tanoa servers those wont work and when i try to join this server (that ive joined many times before) on the map "Esseker" in the loading screen (top right) were it should show you the map you're joining it still shows that im joining tanoa (and yes i'm 100% sure that i didnt misclick servers cause i tried several times just incase i did. So if you have any way i can fix this or atleast give me some rhyme or reason as to why it wont let me play i would be very happy knowing i didnt completely waste 24.35 (it was on sale) on this DLC.

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    To add now some servers will still say "you were kicked off the game" but a select few say "session lost" in the exact same manner so if that helps anyone addressing this problem , there you go.

  • im sorry but unless you add some grammar into your first post, i cant read it... Its 1 giant sentence.

  • In your hidden appdata folder, you will find Arma 3, in there will be an RPT (report) file which will say what the issue is

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    @maca134 if you cant piece it together then you might have an illiteracy problems , sounds personal to me.

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    @MGTDB Could you elaborate on were i can the Hidden Appdata Folder please, and thanks for help.

  • It will be in this folder, you might have to unhide system files

    C:\Users\yourcomputernamehere\AppData\Local\Arma 3