error querying server - timeout

  • Hey, i migrated my exile server to a new machine and now when i try to status check on your site i get error querying server - timeout on the check page sometimes. All ports are open in firewall in/out, people can connect manually and play but in launcher for me it shows x/60 and proper ping but for some of the players it shows 0/0 ping 9999. I added the server something like 12 hours ago. It's hosted in OVH. Game port is 2302. Also on gametracker it works fine.
    Please advise!

  • administrators

    Make sure the OVH game firewall is turned off. this causes many issues.

  • It's their normal dedicated server, not "gaming"
    P.S. I found the firewall option there but i think it was off.
    P.P.S actually it seems like UDP was restricted. I'll keep monitoring.
    Thanks and sorry