Flying Saucer (Reichsflugscheibe)

  • Dear sirs,

    I would be most greatful if this mod could be added to the A3Launcher please.

    Kind regards,

    Mod on Steam:

  • administrators

    Might run into legal issues over nazi symbols beening download by people in afew different countries including germany.

  • @Torndeco

    Actually no. Its within the laws of the different countries. Besides, used in a historical context. I know this, due to having checked the rules for having a Arma3 Server and what the rules stipulates, and as stated above, its not illegal in for instance England etc.

  • administrators

    The problem is a3launcher would need to prevent german users downloading it.
    The extra headache over this is prob not worth it.

    If the author uploads it to steam workshop, then valve is the one that deals with those issues

  • @Torndeco

    I hear you. I will contact the creator and see if he can remove, or alter the symbol. Thanks for your time and effort.

  • This looks great, hopefully it can be added.


  • Yeah, the problem seems to be a symbol, inside the vehicle, not on the outside.

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