Sponsored Listing not showing up in A3

  • Hi Macca,

    We setup a sponsored listing on Saturday 1st April, it is not showing up in A3 that it is a sponsored server, yet the impressions are going up on the payments tab... if its not showing as a sponsored server what are the impressions too?!?!

  • administrators

    The server doesnt appear as a paid listing each time you open the launcher. Its a weight random select, so the more you pay the more chance you have of getting impressions. The impressions are going up because people are seeing the paid listing.

  • Understand all that Matt, just seems odd that no one has yet to see it as a sponsored server.

    Shame there isn't a targeting system in it rather than to everyone, is that do able further down the line?

  • administrators

    How would I target them? The most I can do is limit country i suppose but I dont think it will help.

  • As an example, the listing can be set so that "mainly" altis life players don't see the ad (they play altis life!), players that don't have the mods needed to use the server don't see the ad, players that have an over 200 ping don't see the ad, same way Facebook and Google do ads... "I wish this ad to be seen by xx type player, in xx location, have at least xx hours on xx type server, that mostly play pvp servers"-your ad will be shown to xx players and will cost xx a week, month, year etc.

    At the moment we have no feedback as to who has seen our ad just that xx users have seen it, if we say all altis life players will never join our server why do/should I need to pay for impressions to those players... that's money wasted. totally pointless for them and us... they have no interest in us and we have no interest in them because they wouldn't play our server, lets say my 1200 impressions a day, 600 of them maybe to AL players, that's 600 wasted possible users that haven't seen our ad in that day because its show to players that are no interested in it.

    See my thinking here? (not having a go or flaming etc etc, just feedback, and yes if I could set who saw the add I would spend more! No doubts :) ) also trying to link a server to more than one A3 account is a pain if we are different time zones-just saying.