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    This section is for requesting mod additions and updates on the launcher.

    Each post must contain a link to the files/steam page.

    • Steam Workshop mods are much quicker to get added.

    Before posting make sure no one else has requested the mod, duplicates will be deleted.

    I do my best to add mods at least once a month, asking "when will it be added" everyday will not help. A bump once a week is fine.

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    Please remember to add a link otherwise we will just delete the post!

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    Adding community mods
    If, as a community, you would like a mod on the launcher, there is a charge of £60 per mod.

    This does not apply to "public" mods, like Exile or A2OP.

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    When using steam mods on a server
    Use the steam workshop version of the mod on the server.
    Include ALL files that steam downloads.
    The steam version has a meta.cpp which the server uses to report steam workshop ids with the mod names.