Launcher Server Checker Error Help

  • I can no longer see my Epoch 1051 servers on launcher. (My 1051 Overpoch server is still there) The error I get when trying to add it with the launcher server checker is:

    Oh snap! unknown mods - DayZ Epoch 1.0.5

    These 1051 servers have been on launcher for years with no problems. Can someone tell me how launcher gets it version number information from my server, or how to fix this? I'm definitely not running 105. Thanks

  • administrators

    There is something wrong on your end. The server is reporting DayZ Epoch 1.0.5

  • Can you tell me how the server reports the version number so I can fix it?

  • administrators

    mod.cpp - make sure you have properly updated ALL FILES in the mod

  • It worked. Thanks

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