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    The future is not hear it is the present. If that was the case why do you care about ArmA 2 anyway when ArmA 3 has been out.

  • @washin said in DayZ Epoch

    @HOOTY336 Listen bro you can be upset about this update but its gonna happen no matter what. But when u start saying you will crash all arma 2 servers you cross the line. His community is YrunGaming.

    Either him or somebody else will. I mean whoever decides to make it public first, it will just aid to the whole process of killing Arma 2 in general not just DayZ. Maca doesn't care, Bohemia doesn't care to patch the issue. The only ones who are going to care are the players, because they're taking the hits really. Now, you talk about crossing a line and I understand your perspective, to a point. You don't want to see one person or maybe a group of few people going around and taking things into their own hands by crashing servers. Probably the same way other players and server owners wants their voices to be heard when they wish that the update should be optional rather then forceful, but ey, they don't get that chance either now do they ?

    @maca134 And yes, if this was Arma 3, the update would be implemented regardless. But this isn't Arma 3 and I think that should mater.
    Many server owners simply will lack the time due to real life or other things to start from scratch, they might have a community and administrators for that community to deal with the entire support part, or have a bit of time on their hands to add an extra script here and there but that's about it.

    @MGTDB You simply cannot be that closed minded and ingore that fact stated above, or you're aware but simply refuse to care more or less, then again why should you ? You moved to Arma 3.

    To simplify the jibberish above, I do not think removing servers with 1051 from the list should be a thing. If the game dies, let it die by age rather then you having to stab it in the back till it dies.