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    C+P from other thread..
    Noone wants to update because noone fucking plays the new update, there are no populated servers on it.
    Everyone would rather run the old update with custom scripts made to how they like.. There is no insensitive to update unless you want to kill population.
    A perfect example of dead new update servers dont have any pop look at MGT's DayZ server, average 2 population in the last month, who the fuck wants that lol
    Basically a case of fucking around with what little population Arma 2 has left, if this was Exile with an actual alive population I would understand.
    These Epoch updates are welcomed, but they are years too late. Just leave it how it is and let this already dead game run its course.

    Listen to your users of your launcher who pay for sponsored listings. Noone plays ANY epoch update after epoch There are 0 populated servers. (maybe one russian and a german one) ha.
    I can guarantee your sponsored listings payments will go down a LOT. Might as well end DayZ launcher development after this, who uses a launcher which doesn't have the most popular mod?

    Every other mod on DZL and A3L gets auto updated, there is no option to not update, you're forced to update.
    DZE is out of date, with some serious flaws/vulnerabilities/exploits. It's better for every server to be running the latest patch.

    We had a very good population on our DZE Namalsk server before 1.0.6 dropped, but hey, things change. We have to keep DZE on the latest patch as we're a development test server for infiSTAR.

    I'll leave this here, this was from 3 years ago, but hey, we moved on to Arma 3, things change

    alt text

  • @ok look it's simple, something even you could understand, probably. There's few servers that have updated to 1.0.6, of course the majority of players haven't updated either. Your extensive N=1 study does not disprove this fact. Stop being such a baby and adapt with the changes, I know mommy told you that you were special, and while you still may be another kind of special, the world doesn't revolve around you and what you think others should do with something you've contributed nothing to. After all, it's maca's launcher (not yours) and the epoch devs' mod (again, not yours)

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    It looks like servers are slowly updating to 1061 so @ok ;)

  • Hi!

    You say that the file hosting costs money. OK. Maca, how much money to save in the launcher?

    I have a lot of unique scripts to and I have no desire to upgrade to, which is still a lot of bugs and unnecessary scripts inside the mod. Please write how much money to save in the launcher.

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    @Josh your right I do have a cancerous community it has killed alot of severs not though crashing servers but by giving the players something different to do on DayZ where as alot of servers are the same. I'm not telling you my community name so you can come hack or some shit. We have not crashed any sever yet, but our test sever testing out different methods. We will be coming to a sever near you soon in what 10 days now when he goes though with it. As maca said DZL barely covers the cost now. Look at all the sponsor severs that have will be removed beside it do you think they will spend more money after getting ripped off not a chance. I spend anywhere from 40-80 a month on it but not any more. No need to feel sorry for my players they feel sorry for you all being sheep. My players know that I was a player that started a sever because of bs ass owners that thought they were better than everyone else that is what makes my sever great. If you all wanna talk about donations and no obligation just ask maca bout his pay 2 win severs. We offer loadouts and shit yea, but for free though admin events, bug reports, and enjin points you EARN not buy from being active on our website. Anyways do not blame me when a to 10 community comes crashing all of 106 severs. Blame maca all he has to do it leave 1051 alone and we will leave 106 severs alone and we will not crash and release the how to crash any ArmA 2 sever on youtube.

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    Lets keep
    Mana 1.2.7 dead
    both sahrani dead
    Jade groove dead
    Epoch sucks ass no pop
    Lingor dead
    Nalmalsk semi dead
    Taviana semi dead
    Orgins popular

    Gotta get rid of
    Epoch most popular
    because i wanna kill the rest of dayz

  • @HOOTY336 Listen bro you can be upset about this update but its gonna happen no matter what. But when u start saying you will crash all arma 2 servers you cross the line. His community is YrunGaming.

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    @washin That may be, but when he continues to take money from severs and is gonna remove them thats crossing the line.
    When deadcell, btp, and udder came over to screw with my server just because we had higher pop, I did not crash there severs or send anyone over just ban the players that came to screw us up. I guess I should not of said all of 1061 there are 2 we will not touch but the video release will end up getting to them as well. Trust me I dont wanna do this. I'm not gonna set back this time and watch him keep taking money from severs that should still have a sponsor after he removes them just to promote the new update and get more ppl on ArmA3 and on his a3 launcher. Alot of people have spent there hard earned money to have there server listed and do not have the time to update working 40-60 hrs a week at a real work place. Then you have over the majority of DayZ players that just dont like the update and are being forced to play it if they still wanna play ArmA 2 him doing this is a slap to the face to them. Thank god ArmA 2 is so affordable to be able to have so many multi accounts and not paying for another sponsor that means more accounts. Besides even if I dont someone else will release the how to video just like you said it's gonna happen no matter what.


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    The future is not hear it is the present. If that was the case why do you care about ArmA 2 anyway when ArmA 3 has been out.

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    @HOOTY336 Listen bro you can be upset about this update but its gonna happen no matter what. But when u start saying you will crash all arma 2 servers you cross the line. His community is YrunGaming.

    Either him or somebody else will. I mean whoever decides to make it public first, it will just aid to the whole process of killing Arma 2 in general not just DayZ. Maca doesn't care, Bohemia doesn't care to patch the issue. The only ones who are going to care are the players, because they're taking the hits really. Now, you talk about crossing a line and I understand your perspective, to a point. You don't want to see one person or maybe a group of few people going around and taking things into their own hands by crashing servers. Probably the same way other players and server owners wants their voices to be heard when they wish that the update should be optional rather then forceful, but ey, they don't get that chance either now do they ?

    @maca134 And yes, if this was Arma 3, the update would be implemented regardless. But this isn't Arma 3 and I think that should mater.
    Many server owners simply will lack the time due to real life or other things to start from scratch, they might have a community and administrators for that community to deal with the entire support part, or have a bit of time on their hands to add an extra script here and there but that's about it.

    @MGTDB You simply cannot be that closed minded and ingore that fact stated above, or you're aware but simply refuse to care more or less, then again why should you ? You moved to Arma 3.

    To simplify the jibberish above, I do not think removing servers with 1051 from the list should be a thing. If the game dies, let it die by age rather then you having to stab it in the back till it dies.