Please consider holding off on the early removal of epoch 1051

  • As the title says,

    The original time frame given 2 weeks, and now 24 hours, is not nearly enough for most owners to recode their servers.

    It would be greatly appreciated if the mod could stay up for at least a month. 106 wasnt completed, most didnt convert the scripts over till 1061 was released..that was yesterday...
    My question is, what does it infringe on if left there for an extra month? Does it hurt anything?

    Again, please reconsider... My community and many others will take a huge blow if this gets removed early...

  • @theduke said in Please consider holding off on the early removal of epoch 1051:
    that was yesterday...

    Yesterday? 1061 was released last Thursday

    If you would have decided to update your stuff by then instead of complaining in dozens of posts on the forums I'm sure you would already have finished your updating stuff...

  • I think they should at least wait 4-5 days more, updating a mission does take some time to perfect.
    Will they not have problems with having the folder name the same as 1051 because everyone already had a mod with that name and there will most likely be lots of complains because they will be getting errors when joining?

  • I think it wont be a problem with having the same folder name since launcher will prob check the files and tell that they need redownload or checking.

  • 106 has been out since November...that has been plenty of time to update...

  • @aCti0N_jACks0N Like i said in my Original post.... Most didnt bother updating till 1061 was released. 106 was not stable...

  • @Reiniger Good job on ya, glad you know me well.. As a matter of fact, i did transfer last night alot of sripts over to 1061 WHILE i was making a plea to hold on on the removal of 1051... I wasnt complaining about the update, i was merely just asking to stretch the timeframe given.
    You sir, are a special kind of stupid. You call it complaining, i call it a discussion. Dont like it, dont freaking read it, that simple.... I was EXTREMELY nice in the beginning, now im getting attacked personally for my opinion on something. screw you! simple im going to drop these arma servers is what im going to do...nothing but hatred in this community now. freaking pathetic really and a sad place this world has become....

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    Im sorry but I warned people about 3 months ago...

  • understandable. but not 2 days after the initial release. Its all good. ive made my decision already

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    1.0.6 to is super easy as it's mostly client file changes. The Epoch forums are there if anyone gets stuck on the update

  • @MGTDB said in Please consider holding off on the early removal of epoch 1051:

    1.0.6 to is super easy as it's mostly client file changes. The Epoch forums are there if anyone gets stuck on the update

    Recoding my Origins bulding system to work with would take a LONG time.
    And that's something i'm lacking.

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    @VeteranREAL If it's your building system, why are you lacking the ability to update it? hmmm

  • @MGTDB He didn't say he lacked ability. If you read it properly your find he said he lacked time.

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    If he had updated it for 1.0.6 then it would of been done for
    The problem with having multiple versions of the same mod on the launcher is there is no incentive for people like VeteranREAL to update their stuff.

  • Honestly, I have been working on updating since August, I was ready for 106. If you made some adjustments for stuff, 106 is and was just had to tweak some stuff to get the fps playable for people that have potatoes for computers. It ran fairly well for anyone who didn't have a 10 year old computer. 106 is more stable than 1051...I haven't had a server crash yet that runs 106, when it used to happen every month or so with 1051.

    106 has been in the works for a couple years now. They went and worked on it hardcore for 2016 and it was released in November. It was announced that 1051 was going to go away in DayZ Launcher a while ago.

    You can still run 1051 if you want, just not with this launcher. People really should have been updating their code months and months ago. You're probably better off going vanilla Epoch and re-writing around that anyways as you figure out what they've done.

  • Hi guys,

    We have a fairly new server less than two weeks. It is using 1051 and obviously just found out about changes happening from today legacy mod download which says will be removed from 17th.

    Can someone direct us to perhaps a list of mods which are compatible for 1.61 and whether if paid sponsorship of a server through dayz launcher will still be working with servers who might be still using 1.5.1.


  • @MGTDB The ignorance is real. I wish i had 10% of your brain, maybe id understand where you're coming from. Easy, yeah maybe for gald everyone thinks that everyone is as smart in coding as the rest... We are all different...but at least i try. Put your ego aside, and look at the bigger picture here...which is what the community asking for. I wonder if this has ever happened before, this much drama over the removal of a mod on launcher... probably not..the reason for that is because its ridiculous...and people are coming here voicing their opinions on the early removal of a mod, to only receive nasty ignorant immature comments like yours, and a i quote "If it's your building system, why are you lacking the ability to update it? hmmm" If you read, like you should have, its not the ability, its the time....

    You're ignorance amazes me... i can why the world is the way it is nowadays..grats, hope you slept better after your insulting comments. hope it made you feel better

  • Noone wants to update because noone fucking plays the new update, there are no populated servers on it.
    Everyone would rather run the old update with custom scripts made to how they like.. There is no insensitive to update unless you want to kill population.
    A perfect example of dead new update servers dont have any pop look at MGT's DayZ server, average 2 population in the last month, who the fuck wants that lol
    Basically a case of fucking around with what little population Arma 2 has left, if this was Exile with an actual alive population I would understand.
    These Epoch updates are welcomed, but they are years too late. Just leave it how it is and let this already dead game run its course.

  • As i expected, the launcher is not telling me to update to epoch 1061 when launching it, it simple recognises that there are files there already.

    Would it not have been a much better idea to have simply had it called @Dayz_Epoch1061 ? therefore people would see that they need to actually download it and not have it shown as "Needs Checking" which all my mods have and they all work fine...?