48 hours, napf server still not showing up.

  • Hey maca,
    Everything was going well with launcher until i reinstalled my server and got a new IP and port. Now it's been 48 hours and still can't get the launcher to show my server. The old server/ip still shows, but the new one wont. (Yes, i checked it and it said it was successful and give it 30 min, that was 2 days ago lol.) Server is overpoch Napf. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Maca!

  • administrators

    Server seems to be offline

  • I also put in a ticket with the host and they're trying to sort it out also. I believe they have reinstalled (idk why) and with them, everytime you reinstall the server the IP changes.. it sucks, i know. but its cheap lol. I'll see what they have to say in the next few hours and i'll post back. Thanks again Maca.

  • Turns out it was a "hardware failure" on their end. It's been resolved. Thanks