Server showing wrong order for mods (sometimes)

  • Hi @maca134 ,

    My server (sponsored) has been running file for quite a while but the last few days players have mentioned they could not get on.
    Server IP/port is:

    It seems the launcher is sometimes showing the mods listing in the wrong order:

    alt text

    The sponsored listing seems to always be fine, just the normal listing that is reversed.

  • Same deal here, previous times this has happened I would have to shut the server down and wait for it to drop out of the list or I could run the server check and it would update. The list hasn't updated and my server hasn't dropped out of the list. Furthermore I spun up another server, and that is no where to be found.

    This was first noticed Thursday night

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    said in Server showing wrong order for mods (sometimes):

    Just checked, it looks ok at the moment but why are you running @DayzOverwatch_Server

  • @maca134 To be honest, I don't know why that's in there, I've removed it anyhow.

    You are right, it does look like the server mod listing has reverted back, are you able to force an order in the launcher so this doesn't happen to others in future?


  • Hi @maca134

    Players have been reporting that this has happened again and I saw it in launcher my self. is the server ip/port

    Your query page is currently listing it correctly, however:

  • This happens to me on 1 of 3 servers every other week or so, just randomly puts overwatch after epoch.

    Would love to see an interface where we could register and set the order and lock it in.

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    The query page reports what is running right now and the order there should match the servers -mods param.

    The launcher uses a cached list which should be updated every ~10 mins.

    If you do a "Check Server" then the next time the list is update, the server will be updated on the launcher.

    Im fairly sure the launcher backend cant mix up mod orders, as the process gets the mods from the server via a Steam Query and sequentially goes through them one at a time.

    If it does appear to happen, first you need to be completely sure its not something on your end. If not then I need screenshots showing as much info as possible, times it happened, even check the /query page and if the is reporting correctly.

    (the /query page using the same code to grab the mods as the backend crap)

  • this continues to happen 1x a week or more.
    no changes made to the server for weeks and all of a sudden the launcher has changed the order

    question... does ANYONE want epoch loading before overwatch?? why not just set this in stone so overwatch is always before epoch

  • Yeah it's been happening a lot the last few months actually, I'm constantly getting people submitting support tickets about not being able to join servers b/c the launcher is specifying the wrong launch order. Trying to get them to use any other method to join is almost impossible since most can barely operate a computer it seems.