Steam isnt running or you dont own ARMA 3

  • I bought arma a while ago and I just had the problem yesterday about the error that could not be recovered from.. I fixed it then now It says. * It looks like steam isn't running or you dont own ARMA 3, the laucher will still work but you will not be able to download/play with steam mods.* It worked yesterday and the day before but now its saying this. I have steam open and I have Arma 3 so idk whats the problem plz help.

  • Support Guru

    First check Steam is open, then if that fails, un-install A3Launcher, wipe with CCleaner, restart PC.
    Then make sure Steam is running
    Then install A3Launcher again

  • administrators

    IF that fails please check the bug reports pinned post and submit a bug