Server played yesterday got a new mod now i get kicked?

  • Hello,
    I was playing on EU|Huaen|Exile|Miliraized|Chernorous|VG|DMS|AA|EXAD|EM|JSRS
    But today A3 launcher downloaded a mod for it called BWMod and now I get kicked instantly Picture attached I think.
    Please help


  • I did try launching through steam but this failed also.

  • I also verified, deleted and re-downloaded but no luck.

  • Hi, I would go to the BWMod folder & delete it manually. You can follow the directory path from the screen shot.

    Make sure steam is not running when you do it & then boot up steam & reinstall.

    If that doesn't work maybe check if the BWMod had a recent update, maybe the server isn't up to date. (go to the chagelog section on the BWMod steam page.)


  • administrators

    You are loading the wrong mods for the server, how/why i dont know

    What server is it? Have you got any start up params/enabled mods in ARMA 3 at all?
    Have you tried joining the server manually?