Safe Disappeared ?!

  • So about yesterday or 2 days ago, I've been using my safe, i can't remember exactly, but i'm 100% sure i have been using it within the last 5 days, it's been here all the time as i play almost every day, today i bought 6 Briefcases and wanted to put them inside the Safe, as i was stacking them there, i would have already about 30, but when I got to the place where my safe is/was , i couldn't find it in the exactly place where i unpacked it, therefore I don't know what to do, please help ! The coords where i had my safe are 050163 and I do not remember the safe code as I didn't have to use them.

  • Support Guru

    This is nothing to do with the launcher. You will need to contact an admin of the server you play on.

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