A3Launcher - Server Checker doesn't detect server

  • Hello,

    I'm encountering a problem where the Server Checker (a3.launcher.eu/check) doesn't detect my server. It used to detect my server, sometimes. I don't see the logic behind it.

    I'm running on Kubuntu 16.04. I am able to connect through Direct Connection in ArmA 3 just fine. Also, I've installed mARMA which also reports back just fine. It's an Exile Lingor server, running the following mods:

    Exile, CBA, CUP Core/CWA/Vehicles/Weapons/Units, SM_Zombz and TRYK Multiplay Uniforms.

    These are my ArmA 3 Dedicated Server Startup Parameters. I tried adding -ip and -port, but both didn't work out.

    ./arma3server -cfg=/home/desktop/serverfiles/@exileserver/basic.cfg -config=/home/desktop/serverfiles/@exileserver/config.cfg [email protected];@cup_terrains_core;@cup_terrains_cwa;@cup_units;@cup_vehicles;@cup_weapons;@exile;@tryk;@sm_zombz;@lingor_a3 [email protected];@marma -bepath=/home/desktop/serverfiles/battleye/ -autoinit -enableHT -noTexHeaders -noSound -noTexHeaders -name=PNG -world=empty -profile=PNG -loadmissiontomemory

    Server IP Adress:
    Using default ports, so 2302-2305.

    Thanks for responding :)

  • I discoverd something.
    The server does show up when I connect to the dedicated machine using X2GO. If I connected once, the server will be visible in A3Launcher until the ArmA server reboots.