A3 Launcher dont show my server pls help :)

  • Hey guys
    iam trying to make A3Launcher server checker
    but it comes up with this
    -Oh snap! error querying server - timeout

    can anyone help me

  • in 2300 your server port or your server query port?

  • I have a similar problem.... My server has been running fine for a long time. Recently I wanted to add Arma3 Custom Buildigns - Original to my server. I've downloaded the PBO and installed it the normal way ...
    SET [email protected];@Exile;@OCP;@CUP_Terrains;@BG_Slaughterhouse;@CBA_A3;@CUP_Terrains_CWA;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@Custom_Bldgs;
    where I renamed the file without spaces.   PBO loads fine.  It shows up as loaded properly in my "loaded mods" table in my server.RPT. However my server will not show up on A3Launcher.  If I try to add my server, A3Launcher responds with "unknown mod".  I've downloaded it from Steam, downloaded it from Armaholic, even copied it from my client to my server.   No matter what I do, I get "unknown mod".  Is this addon incompatible with Exile?  It does show up on the A3Launcher modlist though.