Not able to join Rayak after add to A3L

  • I am having an issue with getting Rayak to go. Originally I could not get the A3L to even let it register because it said:

    "Oh snap! unknown mods - 648172507"

    We was using auto updates, so since that one does not update that often, we took it out of the folder, renamed it 64812507 to @G.O.S_Al_Rayak and was able to add it. Now we seem to be having an issue when you launch from A3L you get:

    "You cannot play edit/edit this mission, it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.pja310"

    But if you launch arma launcher, I can join with no issues. We have also made sure that pja310 was in the mission.sqm and so on with no avail. Is there something I have missed on our side?

  • Okay so nevermind.......found the issue, we are good to go!