Mods finished but not. and more

  • In my A3L i have CUP Terrains - Maps Progress 2.3GB out of 2.3GB. IFA3LITE 2GB out of 2GBbut it is still in my downloading section and says it is not finished. This has been happening for a few days now. My CUP Vehicles is Progress 0B out of 3.4GB and wont start, also of a few days of waiting

  • Support Guru

    @Cheech111 Those mods you have listed are Steam mods and you do not need A3Launcher open in order to download.

    What I suggest is you enable "Allow downloads during gameplay".

    In Steam:
    Settings >> Downloads >> Allow downloads during gameplay.

    After that you will be able to have A3Launcher open whilst downloads are running, if you do not wish to enable download during gameplay (for bandwidth reasons) you can just open steam and leave A3Launcher closed and monitor the progress in the downloads tab of Steam itself.