Error in A3 Launcher, Launcher not linking correct mod needed for RHSAFRF 4.2

  • @maca134 for some reason A3 launcher is calling for WSRHS instead of the RHSAFRF mod when you try to connect to a server that runs RHSAFRF mod. It doesn't call for a download of the RHSAFRF mod needed, its like its pointing to a different download link for WSRHS that needs to be verified.

    it is also showing mods listed in servers as WSRHS in place of RHSAFRF so it throws mad errors when you connect to a server, which is making inventory from traders missing in Exile.

  • should be fixed

  • my server is still getting the error. shows wsrhs for rhsafrf. reloaded the launcher a few times now still the same thing.

  • Thanks for updating the RHS links