Cant join Exile or Epoch.

  • I havent been able to join an exile or epoch server for months now. I recently bought the APEX dlc and i really want to play exile. What happens is whenever i join a server with exile or epoch i just the server and as im about to eneter it says you were kicked of the game. This happens for every server i try. I have tried reinstalling the mods i have verified arma 3 and reinstalled it. I have manually reinstalled battleye and done everything possible there is no fix for this online i could find. I can join everything else like wasteland arma life tc its just epoch and exile. My friend wanted to test something the other day so he gave me his account , and i tried joining a server everything was the same and when i joined a exile server it was all fine and perfect i joined without a problem.But then i got on my account same server and same thing happened you were kicked of the game. Im just desperate at this point someone help me.

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    @--VLR-8---Mrspeedy Player id beginning 7656?

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    IK this is infuriating cause i just bought a rather expensive dlc for the main reason of playing EXILE Tanoa and im getting same error message " you were kicked off the game" in the same fassion as you, i have no help for you but just to let you know you're not alone.

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