Exile Expansion Project

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    Steam-Workshop Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=832000537

    The Exile Expansion Project aims at customizing and expanding the gameplay content and possibilities of the Exile Mod with various additions.

    Please note that the mod and the server content is still in development and we are working hard to expand your gameplay experience on the great Exile Mod!

  • hope this gets added <3

  • Support Guru

    Do you have permission from the author of Taunus to re-upload it to Steam Workshop?

  • @MGTDB Yes we do. Salutesh would be able to provide extra proof if necessary. Salutesh is good friends with the xcam dev team.

  • Sorry for the delay, to make things clear this mod is a expantion for the Exile Client with assets like new map markes, flags, xm8 icons, statusbar icons and more. Also this Mod includes the steam workshop version of the X-Cam Taunus Map and yes we have the permission from the Dev-Team to use and reupload it.

    This Mod can technically be used by every server.

    If you need some more information just let me know.

  • administrators

    im still not sure why a new version of the map is needed? Are you changing the map assets in some way?

  • @maca134
    So there are no changes on the map assets so.
    If XCam Taunus is alreardy in the A3Launcher i can also remove the map pbo' s and just leafe my assets and code in there.
    If you give me the ok then i will update the Mod and remove the files and hit you again for the A3Launcher upload.

  • @maca134
    I will remove the map files with a update in 2 hours.

    Update done!

  • Any chance the mod could get added now?

  • administrators

    There is also no need for ADSG JR pbo.
    People can just use CBA or the unoffical one.

    It will just cause issues with servers that do run CBA / ADSG Unoffical

  • @Torndeco Was also my plan to remove that if we hit the A3Launcher but i will remove that now!
    EDIT: Done

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