Cant get my server on A3 Launcher

  • This is what i get when adding ip and clicking check

    Oh snap! unknown mods - Australia V5.07

    I have Installed australia V5.08

  • If you have v5.08, why is the launcher saying v5.07? Im guessing someone, either you or the mod author didnt update the mod.cpp

  • good question....At steam workshop it says 5.08. And in my folders/files it says 0508.bisign and keys/serverkeys are 0508 bikey.
    The map got updated the day after the 1.66 hotfix i believe.
    If i launch A3, goes to mods and finds Australia and then goes to the folder its all 0508....So yes..its kinda weird

  • mod.cpp says 5.07 and its downloaded via A3, so then the mod author didnt update the mod.cpp ?

  • looks like, anyway the server should be on the list now. Double check on the check server page