"Data File Too Short"

  • Okay, so I try to join a server called Exile Apocalypse Chernarus. It uses the following mods: A2OP, CBA_A3, Chernarus_Winter_A3, CUP_Units, CUP_Vehicles, CUP_Weapons, Exile, Extended_Base_Mod, IFA3LITE, NIArsenal, Open_Chernarus_Project, TRYK, Ryan_Zombies, Arma Enhanced Movement

    I use A3 Launcher to download it all and then hit the play button. It says:


    The following mods may need validating/updating:
    NIArms - Complete
    Chernarus Winter

    Do you still want to join the server?

    And I hit yes. Of course, I get an error that reads "DATA FILE TOO SHORT" with each of these 3 mods. Using manually downloaded mods doesn't work; please help.

  • administrators

    You need to validate your mods